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with the exception of those at Trial Bay, & some of the Ships Officers at Berrima in the one Camp. The German Consentration Camp of Australia The Pris of War "Females" wher stationed at Bourke about 800 miles in the Interior. On August 28th 1915 another batch of Internees arrived from Colombo (Ceylon) Amongst those wher about 40 Seaman of Germ. Light Cruiser H.M.S. Emden, wich had been on board of this gallant little ship during the fight with the Australian Battle Cruiser Sydney; and owing the most having suffered heavy casuality, they had been at Colombo under Medical treatment. Several Invalids & Cripples wher amongst those, all younf fellows & in the Prime of Life. When the Batch arrived it wher to our appearance, as if their wher "Females" amongst those Internees. We could distinguish Skirts for certain, so we all wher twice as happy, for having ladys in your midst, allways cheers a downhearthed Fellow up. When they got close to our fence, their wher many a Internee singing out "Why, there are women amongst them" and shurly it looked

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