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been sitting at a table in company of a loving mother, to enjoy a good breakfast, however those days, it very seldon tasted like it tasted hier. Hier I wher sitting on the hard ground with crossed legs, with the Plate upon my knies and still I fellt like a King. During our Working hours we wher closely watched by the Soldier guard, seemingly they had received instructions not to be with us so familiar, but to drive us to the work allotted to us. The daily Routine in G.C.C. Call 6 a.m. 6.30 a.m. for parade to goe to the River for a swim or wash. In those days the Watermain was not layd on from the nearest Township 4 miles away. These only got done about 6 months after we first wher transferred to the new Camp. The walk ocupied 10 minutes to get to the River, in the Centre of the scrub. We returned in a body to camp about 7.30. The Walk & Swim gave us a good appetite for breakfast. In those days we used to fall in line in front of the Kitchen to receive our Meals. The motto first come, first served wher very much in evidence than daily. The Row seemed endless. Those who, had been first seemed to be allways the

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