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dation, as I further will prove.

In the sheep yard and my experients.

About 7 p.m. we wher told to come out, and get into the new yard wich we dit, without any grumbling. Previous to us entering the gates, those wearing overcoats had to hand same over to a Sergeant. After being searched, one by one, tobacco matches and pipes also cigarettes wher taken away from us, we entered the gate of our sheepyard in single file. Four soldiers being stationed to guard us one to each corner of our compartment under the open skye. The night turned out to be a cold one, with the seabreeze adding, and us allmost naked, without bedding or blankets, we shivered and huddled together to keep warm. Sleep being out of the question, owing to the cold night air the sentry amusing themselves in throwing cold water over us, becourse five did not follow their instruction to shut up and goe to sleep". Also the rain falling in showers, we remained awake all the night.

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