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7 lb wher very much getting worn out, to sleeping on flooring boards is indeet no soft bed. The first few nights seeing us being compelled to "nurse" the floor during the weary, long, night hours, we keept on turning, over & over to prevent us from being four cornerd in the morning. In front of each Mess their wher a "Roller-Canvas Blind". These has to be rolled up during forenoon, winged out during afternoon through medium of two poles and tied down in front of our Mess during night. So this acted as front wall & preventet the rain coming driving in during the wett season. The Military Police seen to it, that this instructiones wher carried out properly, daily. However we had not taken possessiones of the barracks for long, when we found out some one else had taken possession of it also. These wher only tiny insects, wich however can give a person a slepless night if so inclined, wich they seem to be all most anytime. So the Barracks wner a harbor for Flys during day, Mosquitos at Night, Bugs & Fleece at all hours. During general search of Barracks by Soldier-Guard their wher found in one Mess a Cardboardbox containing some Pea Rifle Catridges 22. long also a  £1 Note & 2 half Crowns. This wher confiscated by the Sergant in charge of the search. Although the Internee asked to hawe the

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