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loshing Government property, and marched off to the arrest Cell, those two prisoners wich had permission being amongst them. The arrest Cell wher about 10 by 8 feet. The soldiers than got ordered to search our Camp for wood, iron piping, or sheet iron. These instructions of course wher obeyed, and any of those sayd articles found in our wnclossure, we had to throw over the fence again. Many a pice of wood wich we had brought with us from the old camp, we were forced to part company with. Several Prisoners dug some boards into the soft sand, however the hiding places wher soon found by the Soldiers through the aid of their Bayonets wich they struck into the soft sand. This wher the start of what to South Australian Public got to hear as "the Mutiny on Torrens Island."

The Muting? "and the consequences".

Having five prisoners the comandant ordered to arrest more. This command wher obeyed wholesale for the slightest pertexts. Closing the Gate of the

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