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Railway Station awaiting the departure of the Queensland Express, one of the Partie H. Zollner, noticed by one of the Guards from this Camp on furlough in Sydney. This Guard reportet it to the Police stationed at the Railway Station wich arrested & send back. About 2 weeks after the Police cought the other "Wishelhous" in a Sydney Office, so also he came back, however the III Internee never got cought. We heard he had managed to get out of Australia, on board a Dutch Steamer bound for Java. Those two wher put in a special Compund, generally called hier "Singh-Singh" a horrible place to be in, a place I give more details over later. The saying his "leave the Birdcage open & the Bird will fly out". These wher also the Rule in the Germ C.C. The least chance to escape with out being fired upon, would be noticed & hardly a Night had gone when some one would be missing. So during the alteration on our Canteen 3 Pris seen a good chance to effect their liberty. So one Rainy Night when a Sentry generally is careless in guarding

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