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Camp, I wher permitted to enter the convinience, about 5 a.m. Lowering the Window, I clambered through unto the footboard at the outside of our carriage. Getting a glympsse of the ground, and seeing a white structure, like the entrance to a tunnel or Bridge ahead made me gather my mind quickly. I let goe off my hold and throw myself clear of the carriage. I struck with the face "downwards" I remained in this position, untill the carriages had passed me; I rose than of the ground, and after loosing the straps I had used in tying my overcoat close to my body, so as to prevent any obstacle of the carriage to get hold of any part of my clothing, and so drag me along and possible to my doom, I started to run back, the way the train had come. Fancy the fright I got when on looking back I noticed, the train slowing up. This made me speed for my life, as I thought the sentry had noticed my escape had pulled the

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