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an hour, I sighted the lights of the Concentration Camp, my future forced home. On our arrival I wher taken before the Comandant, to account why I should not be punished for my escape out of detention. I told the comandant everything concerning myself. I told him of my arrival as a youth in Australia, that I wher married to an Australian Women, also that, I wher the father of two australian born Children, he pittied me. However being unable to release me alltogether, I wher put into the Concentration Camp, without punishment for the offence of any sort. Being led to the Stores, I wher handet a pice of Hessian, some twine, to make a straw sack, also seven pound of straw. 1 Plate tin mug, Knife Forke and Spoon, also a Firemans Rag. Previous to entering the gate, I wher ordered, to report myself the following Monday morning "to Work"

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