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we were ordered under curses and most objectionable expressions, such as "you German B €¦ €¦.." and "blody Dutchman" to goe and get our luggage for research. Needless to say we followed the order meekly as a shoolboy, allthought the calling of those most objectionable names in the English Dictionary did not suit me. If I had been a free man, the honeur of my dear Mother would hawe compelled me, to strike this Man dead as soon as those words had left his lips. After hawing our luggage, I wher the only one, wich had any searched, also our Clothing, we wher issued a Cooking Pot, a tin Plate, tin Mug, fork, spoon and knife, also a Rubber sheet an empty Hessian bag and two blankets each. Then we wher marched of to what wher called "The German Lines".

The arrival in Camp and the life as a Prisoner.

Ones the gate closed behind us, we wher inside of the barbwire fence, our future home. After a lot of handshakes, we wher led to a round tent, and told seven of us had to occupy

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