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Moon, try to put as much distant between themselves & the Camp as possible. Owing the Internees only getting counted ones daily (Morning Parade) they generally managed to out distance the authoritys. For instance, those two Internees just mentioned, managed to get to Brisbane, a City in Queensland 800 miles distant wher they enjoyed their freedom for the period of 10 months. They would have enjoyed it longer, if it had not been for Military issuing more strict Regulation, concerning all enemy subjects in Australia. Those two wher arrested for being Enemy Subjects & interned again. However out of fear of being punished for escaping out of our internement Camp, they adopted a "Nom de plume" name. So those two wher brought back again to our Camp, the Military Authority non the wiser that the two escaped 11 months ago, wher cought & reinterred. Owing the Internees, sending letters of "Complaints" & complaining of our bad reatment, adressed to the Headquarter Staff Melbourne also several to America, but as those letters allways wher embessled by the Camp authoritys, one pris made up his mind to effect an escape, if only to manage to get to the nearest Post Office to drop

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