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the Internees allmost daily. The only answer they received however wher, for all of us to return to work, only than would He be willing to despatch a telegram to the Minister of Defence, to see if same would be accepted. Our Committee however wher not satisfied with "promisses" of any sort, but demandet it in Writing wich however the Comandant refused to give. Owing our Cooks being also employed daily, they applied for permission, to enable them to procure tobaco or cigarettes from the Cantine. These priveledge however also wher refused by the Comandant, seemingly with the Idea, they would cease cooking for us "Strikers". If same should hawe calculated on this, he made however a grave mistake, for every Cook "stuck to his Gun & Stew Pott". During one evening the Strike Committee also the Austrian Officials wher called before the Major, wich begged of them, to turn the Strike in to his favor, under His Promise that he would do his best to get voluntary labor granted us by The Minister of Defence. On us Internee being informed of this, we called a Meeting in Secret at wich it wher decidet, that nothing else, but a guarantee in Writing would suffice

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