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ground close by. He than run up towards them and when within 150 yards fired another shot. Wich also luckely went weit of its mark. Owing Lt Hurden being also close vicinity, he ordered the Soldier to cease firing. The Soldiers also wher very careless to handle "Firearms" between themselves. So one morning while cleaning his Rifle ready for inspection a Soldiers Rifle discharged. The Bullet luckely went through the brim of the Light Horse Hat of a Soldier, standing close by. The well known & much discussed Sergeany Meyer, on seeing a Goat one day close to our Barb Wire fired 16 shots at this defenceless animal, out of Browning Revolver.However managed only to "crack" the front Leg. This poor animal wher left limping away with the support of 3 legs only. During ende of November 1915 when another big Batch of Internees arrived from Rottnest Island, Western Australia, those consisting mostly of "Austrian Subjects". Their Luggage arrived the next day, but remained in the Soldiers Camp for two full days, in the Open only covered with a tarparulin at night

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