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managed to report, allthough all ways of communication & means of Converse wher underclose surveilance. Even the "Pillar Box" wher under "constant guard" any letter, send, got first inspected of the Contents by the Internee on Guard. However those Spies managed to do their "Dirty Work & done it well" without ever being detected. One June 16th 1915 On the notice board we read the following notice: "Representation hawe been made that a Number of Pris, would preffer not to work, & theirfore receive no Money, whilst They are confinees under this Command & providing that each & everyone returns to work as usual, I have agreed to dispatch a telegram to the Minister of Defence at Melbourne recomending these suggestion for aproval, wich will be certain of aproval Signed S. Sands Major. Below this, wher posted another note wich read as follows: "Money from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia will be stopped untill further Notice II All coresponde inwards & outwards will be discontinued III Rationes will be reduced comencing tomorrow at Breakfast IV Married

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