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the period than of 8 weeks, & so punished allready for his Escape. However this wher refused. During the time Andree wher awaiting his trial & no sign of same taking place, so Andree decidet to gain liberty by force. Managing to make a kind of Rasp out of an old table knife, he filed the chain of the cell door through, & holding both links in one hand & Pepper & salt in the other, he called the Sentry on duty to the door, when near &amp the sentry thinking him to be safe locked up, the door flew wide open, & Andree threw the contents of Pepper & Salt in his Eyes & run in the direction of the Soldiers Barracks. Owing the Guard crying out for pain, the Sentery of the Bridge of the Headquarter building fired a shot. On hearing the report of a Rifle shot, the most of the Guard wich wher in their Recreation Hall enjoying a Concert

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