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been notified to the Police, and those might send a trooper to search the Wood. My suspicion turned out right. While walking through the Bushe close to the Road, I noticed a teamster with a load of wood coming in my direction. While hiding in a Bushe, awaiting his passing me, I noticed besides the driver, also a trooper in company of a lad of about 13 yeahrs of age, behind the Lorry. The trooper pushing a Bicycle. I consideret my lucky stare when they had passed, as my liberty would not have lastet five minutes had I been seen by any of those three, as the trooper wher armed with a revolver outside his Uniform. After running for miles, to put as much distant between myself and the Man of the Law, I reached the open again, a big sheep paddock. This being just sundown. Owing it hawing rained mostly all afternoon, my Waterproof Coat

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