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twenty, yo goe to work, if so demandet by the Comandant. However as the Rest of the Internees, wher "Civil Internees" whe could not be forced to work acording Rules made by this sayd "Hague Convention, & we demandet only voluntary labor wich the Military Authority seemingly wher not willing to grant us. The "Pris of War" at that time held by the Australian Government wher a few Marine & fireman of the German Light Cruises "Emden" & "Planet" When Those "Pris of War" fell in on "Working Parade" the next morning they wher dismissed by the Camp Comandant with the words: "You neednt work today, however I will pay you 1 shilling". The Comandant tried all sorts of ways & means, to divide the Camp into two parties but without result. We all stuck together like "Twin brothers" and one helped the other. However we found out that their wher some "Spys" between our Number, seemingly in the "pay" of the Camp authoritys. These "Traitors" allways managed to inform the Major of any intention or results come to by the Strike Committee with the greatest urgency to dispatch. These "underhound" dirty traitors

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