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The fall of Antwerp, or the Comandants intention to force us all to Mutiny.

Owing our acomodation for cooking being very faulty two prisoners asked permission from the comandant to be permitted to obtain some galvanised sheet iron from an old sheet wich stood close to our fence. Having the necessary permission, they proceedet to get same. The rest of the Prisoners on seeing same hammering to get the iron of the roof, they wher of the impression anyone could get some, as every Kitchen and dinning room wher in an urgent need of a roof to keep the Cook and us all from getting welt, on a rainy day, especially as the wett season had sett in, they procured hammers, axces, ectra and scaled the fence to get their share of the iron and wood. The Soldiers on duty to guard us sitting in the quartertent enjoying a Game of "Napp" on hearing the tumping and hammering, they rushed to the scene; to save the sheet from destructioner. Five prisoners got cought in the act of demo

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