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to Victoria, only to be transshipped again for New South Wales. We wher ordered eight prisoners to each compartment, allthough the Railway Regulation permitted for six persones. But as we wher Prisoners of War, and had not payd for our passage ourself, we had to be contented. Seven p.m., we had our first cup of tea issued to us, since morning, with 4 Biscuits and tin meat. During the journey we wher permitted to open the Window of our compartment, but while in a station, these had to be closed. Singing and shouting during the journey wher prohibited. No Prisoner being permitted to speak to any Person outside his compartement except the Guard and Sentry. No Prisoner being permitted to leave his compartment, without notyfying the Sentry. Any prisoner trying to escape would be fired upon. Each Carriage had 2 Soldiers, one stationed at each end. Owing the train being a through

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