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However owing the European crisis, this sayd island had to be the future home, for all Prisoners of War in South Australia. Previous to us leaving Headquarters, I wher permitted to send a Postal Card to my wife, wich I no doubt apreciated. We wher marched to the Keswick Station again 4 in line, and after changing trains at Adelaide we soon arrived at Port Adelaide. We wendet our way to the Wharf, at wich a Motor lunch wher laying awaiting our arrival. After hawing also taken the Provision for the Camp on board, we soon wher down the River bound for Torrens Island better known as Quarantine Island.

The arrival at the Island.

On our arrival at the Island the lunch wher meet by a Sergant, wich orded us to leave our luggage on the Beash and proceed to Camp, about 800 yards distant, with instructions we of course obeyed. We wher led to the Camp Comandants tent. After the Comandant asking for our names and luggage

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