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So we made a "Recreation Tent" out of same. Quarrelling amongst the Internees being very seldom, we made the best of it, and lived like a happy family. Owing the disbandet German Club in Sydney sending us their books, we also had soon a nice little liberary. The arrival of a Piano, donated to us by a wealthy German Merchant, living in Sydney wher very much apreciated by all of us. Having a Piano, some Voudeville Artist soon gathered talent for a Theatrical company. Twice weekly we enjoyed "Theater" in the Recreation tent. These wher the foundation stone of our present "Theather". Owing the streneous work during the day with the adverse Recreation keept us all fitt and healthy, & our burden not made so heavy to carry. On December 3rd our quantity addet to by the German Officials taking Prisoner at New Guinea, the well known Island in the South Sea. Owing some sort of a "Declaration" made between Great Britian & Germany, those officials wher exchanged shortly after their arrival, via America. When they told us of this "declaration" we all looked upon those Officials with a certain amaint of jealousy. For who would not hawe liked to exchange places

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