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The barnd supplied being mostly "Kangaroo" wich wher procuable at any stationers for the price of 6d per pack, the comandant used to make 50% clear profitt. To my estimation the comandant dit not look for discipline, but looked for business.

German Emperors Birthday. January 27th 1915.

Weeks previous to this festivity, prisoners wich still belonged to the German Reserve and the Recruits wher drilled for the Parade March. The Recruits wher formed to line the cordon of honor. The rifles used wher made out of sticks and broom handles. Every Soldiers wher dressed alike. Blue trousers, white shirt, white cap. The caps were made out of white handkerchiefs. The only obstacle in our way, being the uniform for the emperor, the higher officials, patronising the Emperors parade, and the dresses for the curtladys, becourse at such a festiviys there are also allways Ladys present. We made the spiked Helmets out of kerosine tins, soldered together. Swallow tail coats and evening frocks cut off at the

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