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of gaining some territory, from wich I never receive an inch, I only follow, after my masters, and the higher socity class has left for the front. For I hawe nothing to defend, but my little Homestead and family, and this I am able to do with out the aid of Bullets, and Murder wholesale.

In the Capital of Australia and my experients.

Wending my way, to a friends residence, an australian I wher lucky in finding same home. I know he could be trusted, so I explained to him my experients. Owing some Soldiers of our transport hawing told him of my escape, he know all about it allready. I wher made at home, and after tea we patronised a Cinomatograph in company of his Wife. Me acting the attentive Husband, while away from Home lessened the riske. On the way to and from the Show, we passed several Gents of the Law, however owing me hawing a Lady, my wife on my arm, cast off suspicion. No one ever seemed to trouble the attentive husband

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