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ever. October 24th the first Bulgarians wher interned in Australia. Those amounted to two. When they entered the Camp Gates we received our Allies with Music issued by our Camp-Band. We also presented them with a Bunch of Flowers. We also collected a sume of money, as those two belomged to the Working Class, and wher arrested from their work, at the Railway cutting close to Picton. N.S.W. So they had no reody cashe. The money wich had been collected for them, wher very much apreciated by both. Some Internees also presented them with a "Bunk" so they need not sleep on the floor the first few nights in the G.C.C. As seemingly the donors had had the experience, that for a toiler to sleep on a hard wooden floor, wher no bed of Roses. So we nearde towards the Xmass hollidays. Of course we all wished we could spend those days at liberty, however we wher compelled to make the best of a bad job. Soldiers of Australia: I wishe to pass a few remarks about the average Soldier wich wher stationed at our

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