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unfortunate ones ordered to do the heavy work on the Jetty. We loadet one barge in the forenoon, while these being getting towed to the other side of the Island we adjourned for dinner. But o horror, mostly had nothing, as everything cooked by us, the other five had taken it with them. During the afternoon, we loadet the second and third barge, than getting on board also, Soldiers, Officers and the rest of us prisoners we had a ride around. As soon as we arrived their wher hussle again, to get everything right and in working order. Our tent of course draw our first attention. This day I never forget. We build our fireplaces again, put the bags, wich wher getting allready full of holes around it to keep off the wind and weather from the cook, next our Dining Room we christened this Ragally "Kleine Marien Strasse" a street in Hamburg of ill repute having the same name (See photo of Kitchen). This new site wher a sandy place, the least bit of wind, blow the sand all over. The Cook only had to lift the lid

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