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last. This second "line up" to the Kitchen wher usually "capituliren". Owing the ration in the Kitchen issued by the Government being at the explained rate insufficient, this soon got remedied. So we had to fall in lines by the number of out tents. If than, when everybody had been served, their wher any food to spare, wich happened seldom, Internees wher than justified in applying for "Return" Two days during Week wher what got termed hier Hunger days. These wher the General Washing to the other the General bathing day. On those two days, work of any kind wher dispensed with. It wher the General cleaning days, to keep our body and Clothes clean from vermin. The washe & swim pararde : On the days of general cleaning we marched in file, of course under heavy escort with bayonets fixced to the River. At the place indicatet to us for swimming, their wher room for about 150 persones at a time. Owing the Government not issuing soap of any kind to the prisoners, the washing to keeping clean wher made very inconvinient for some of the internees.

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