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into the ground about six feet deep by six feet wide close to the fence, for the receiving of the washe and refuse water. As the hohle generaly wher covered with Boughs, this acted as a Breeding Area in the daytime for Musquitos, wich helped us along to enjoy the sleep during the long weary nights on the hard ground. Our Urinals and W.C. also consistet of hohles dug into the ground, with a galvaniced fence on one side, to keep off wind and wetter and f out of decancy. As to the Washing of our Clothing we wher issued between seven men a 2 lb bar of soap every 3 weeks. These had to last also for washing faces and dirty hands. Prisoners wich could afford to buy wher allright, but wher it a wonder when those without the necessary cashe got vermins, as washing without soap will not take out the dirt. So vermins wher their in our camp in plenty, in fact the quantity wher allmost equall of Gemanys fighting force. The wood for our cooking, we had to carry miles on our shoulders, out of the woods.

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