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name this soldier & station it happened. He left with the first Battalion from Keswick S.A. However I do not attempt to tar all Australian with the same Brushe. Their wher some good fellows amongst them, especially in the III Division, when mostly all Employers dissmissed all labor of Military Age withoutout dependants. However wher IV Division wher send the Public beginn to wake up owing the Labor shortage & turned the Compulsory Service Reffeerendum abroad down with a big majority. The big Casuality List & the Failure of Gallipoli wher mostly Australianes wher fighting told the Population the truth of modern warfare. So the Soldiers keept for "home defence" wher, at the commencement mostly mer Boys & inexperienced in any soldiers drill. No doubt some had two weeks "drill" previous them getting their uniform, some never had a day drill. Of course now & again their wher a "typical soldier" to be found amongst the guard, but this wher seldom. They seemed to play and take soldiering in a jocular manner. So shots

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