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whers, wher the Government forces to keep a inocent person in idleness at the "Working Mens" Expenses, we adhered also hier to this Rule "Make yourself at Home." To patition our Barracks into 10 Rooms, we used our Groundsheets Bags, private blankets, private tents ectra for Walls. Next we brought some timber along out of the Bushe, out of wich we made Stretchers, tables, chairs, ectra, so our Mess did not seem at all bare. Owing every Internees floor space being 2 ½ foot broad the reader can judge that we wher not permitted owing space allowance being insufficient to use to much furniture, as our boxes, trunks ectra also require some space under our "bunks". This sayd "Bunks" acted as Chest of drawers, Safes, well in fact allmost as anything. No doubt a reader might think this impossible, but let him messure out a floorspace 2 ½ foot broad by 9 foot high, to live & sleep in, and he will find out that he is forced to tax his Wits to its outmost, to enable him also to stow his personal belongings, Eating Material & food stuff. This room for 10 Person 25 foot long seven broad & 9 feet high wher our dining, recreation & sleeping Compartment. The "Stretcher" or ussually called Bunk drew our first attention, as the straw issued to us about Sept 1914 wheighing

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