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The News of our transportation and preparation.

When we wher officially informed to be transferred to another Camp, the place unknown, we all received the News with high spirits. We wher shure wherever we wher sent to, it could not not be a worse camp, as far as treatment and convinience wher concerned. Wher to nor how long the journey would last we wher left entirely in the dark, allthough I made several requests to be informed of my destination, so as to enable me to inform my family of my departure, wich I had to leave behind and a mercy to the World. My wife received 10 Shilling separation allowance from the Government, with 2 shilling six pence addet for each Child. I look upon this amount as a starvation allowance, especially with the high prices ruling for foodstuff. Especially if the Wife of a prisoner of war happens to be a frail and delicate person, and not hawing a Bankcredit to draw upon, in her hour of need, wich is very often

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