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3d. Whe wher informed, that this would be to pay the Horse Drivers their wages. One driver wher employed to cart rubbish ectra wich had accumulated about our Camp, however the other never carted anything for the Internees benefitt, but solely for the Government only. However owing us being Pris. Whe had to obey Orders. One night, Decemb 1914. We wher amused to see white objects running about our Camp making helter scelter for a certain tent. Of course this made us all enquisitive. So whe got out of our "Bed?" to find out what it all meant. Fancy us finding the Hospital Guards under the leadership of Sergeant Meyer, dressed in their Night-attire solely & barfooted. They had however their Ammunition Belt bucklet across their shoulders, scabart belt around their waist, and Rifles with bayonets fixed. When we got near, we heard them all curse & swear. On our making investigation, about the meaning of this Night-Carnival Episode, whe wher informed of the other Tent-Mates, mthat one of their numbers had been falling into Epeleptic fitt ao they had sumonsed the Hospital Guard for asistance. By all appearance the Giuard dit not like the idea, to being called out from away from their snug blankets for such a trivial case. Sergeany Meyer even tried to kick the senseless form on the Ground, with

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