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his heavy nailed Military Boots. When us Internee seen this intention, whe in a body rushed Meyer & his "pet guard" wich thought it adviseable to clear our Camp in a hurry. On us complaining the next morning to the Camp comandant Major Sands, whe wher informed that we had no right to call the Medical attendants, for such a trivial sickness, as a epeleptic fitt. On January 10, 1915 owing a Internee Carpenter wich wher employed by the Military authoritys errecting barracks, for wich he received a good salary of 4 shilling per diem, not doing anough labour to satisfy the Military Overseer & Head Carpenters, wher sentenced to 3 days "Lock Up". As long as a Internee in our midst wher able to crawl he wher forced to do some sort of manual labour. So the sick & convalecent Internees wher employed by the Military about Camp, picking up Paper, Match boxes, Cigarette butts ectra. Owing the strict discipline (inhuman Rules) in our Camp, the Lock Up wher never empty. The Military Police seen to that. As all those sentenced wher allways used to pull the heavy Roller, to roll the ground with & making Roads, is it a Wonder, as every "free" Internee steered shy of this sort of horses toil. The Roller consisted of the trunk of a Gum tree 4 feet

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