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him, that I wher a Wanderer, on my way to Sydney, also that I had lost my way, he escortet me to a Road about a mile distant, leading to Campden. On me enquiring if I had tresspassed I wher informed, that I had been on the Water Race, or Reservoir, wich supplied all Sydney with Water. This is a sign, the Australian Government had taken precaution, in guarding the Watercatching Area very closely, and so prevented any enemy subject from veturing to near to do any misschif, like poisening the Water ectra. However acording my opinion the Government could have saved the expencess of Soldier Guards, for any purposses of this sort. As firstly it would have taken 1000 gallons of strong poison, previous it could do a slight dammage amongst those Milliones of Gallons of Water stored their in the Reservoir secondly, I think it impossible, that their would hawe been an Enemy subject alive, bad enough

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