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We found out the way & means of the Comandant & his Spies but never the Spy himself. We raidet the Pillar box on one ocassion, wich hung near the Gate for Letters to be dropped in for despatch. Herin we found a letter adressed to the Major, on us opening same, we found same contain a note written in "very good english" stating all our doings during the day also our future planes. That's why we stationed special sentry at the Pillar Box for all letters dropped in same to be handet for perusal to the Sentery. This put a stop to the "communication" as the "spies" wher not game to bring a letter forward wich would not stand Inspection. So the Comandant lost one good allthough "dirty" service. The day following the following Notice appeared on the Notice board. I hawe heard several Pris do not intend to work & so forfeit their weekly payment of 7 shillings. Owing my "Word of Honor" has been refused, I hawe notice from the Melbourne Head Departement, to grant your request. So as to enable those willing to work, I have issued Orders, that the gates of the Paradegraound shall be opened after dinner, to enable all internees to report to work. All other Requests

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