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few hours to converse, make planes, build castles in the air ectra, when the happy "Bridegroom" had to return to us behind the "Badb Wire" while the happy "Bride had to depart again" for her new home Alone. One June 6th we had our first Church Service in Camp. Owing us hawing been forced by the Military authoritys for such a long & considerable time, to do without the "Gospel" we looked upon this "offer" with contempt & hardly half a dozend Internees patronised same. At the finishe of the "Sermon" the officiating Minister informed us that he wher the "Bishop of Sydney". We in a body than complained, that seemingly the Military Authority had forgotten our existence & left us without Church service of any sort for a period of 10 months, we wher quite willing to wait untill the end of the present crisis, when we would patronise Church again. This Bishop there upon informed us that he wher not to blame, he had done his best for us, wich of course we all beleaved of the Rev. old Gentleman. He told us, that at the commencement of the War he had applied to the Minister of defence for permission to be allowed to come to our Camp to preach the Gospel & hold Service to the Internees, or else to be permitted

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