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The next day May 15 1915 no one fell in at Working parade. Our strike Committee informed the officer in charge of the working parade of our decission. The Soldiers wher ordered to watch our Camp closely & shoot any one not adhearing to rules. The Cantine, Theater, & all places of Recreation wher again closed instantly. Our Soldier Guard even wher reinforced. Our Huricane lamp, the only lighting issued to us by the Military wher taken away & all our Barracks wher left in darkness. A good saying is "Gitt for tatt". So all Internees employed driving the big Electric Lighting Plant wich lighted the numerous Globes outside our boundary fence, the Soldiers Barracks, & the Offices of the Headquarter building also dropped "tools" & owing no one amingst the Soldiers being capable to attend to the Motor, this wher all left in darkness also. However they made good with the Stable Lamps taken away from us. During the first afternoon the Camp Comandant called the more weathy planters from Singapore into his office, & gawe them his "Word of Honor" that if they managed to break the Strike, he would grant them a site for a separate Camp, away from the working-class Internees. The 800 Ric Internees asked

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