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convicted of escaping from the Camp. Andree W. 10 months hard labor Zoller H. 10 months Herkner F.H. 5 months, mPokora S.E.L. 5 months Wivhelhous H. 5 months Bach J.A.F/

Griffiths Captain
II in Comand G.C.C.

Now this sentences has been right against the Rules of the "Hague Convention" I will state the Rules to leave the Public to judge. Of course allthough I hawe tried to find any extra Rules, their might hawe been made with regards of Civil Internees however uptill the present I hawe been unable to find any. So I am under the beleave, that Interneed Civilians are coming under the Rules of Pris of War. However we Internees wher left totally in the dark with regards of Rules made at "Hague Convention" however Rules made in Australia they wher pasted full on the Noticeboard. The full Rules I state further in my Book.

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