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it. I wher surprised, as the space only permitts fot about 4 persones only to co-habit day and night. However we made the best of it, and layd hudled together like Pigs in a stye during the nights. As our bedding comprised of a rubber sheet, a pice of Hessian without any stuffing, and 2 Blankets to cover ourself with we did not require a Chambermaid to make our sleeping compartement comfortable. The Food rationes for each tent, wher dealt out to us daily at 3 p.m. Our rationes acording to Governement allowance should consist of 1 ½ lb meat per man. We wher mostly short in weight. The meat consisting mostly of forequarters of mutton, and shinbones of an Oxe, so mostly all bones. We recieved about 1 dozend potatos daily for each tent,  ½ lb coffee 3 two lb loafes of bread a soupspoon full of salt, a teaspoon full of pepper, also a Melon as vegetable, ocasionaly a cabage, also about 2 lb of sugar. As we only wher suplied with one pot to cook in, boil our tea ectra, we soon found out this wher not sufficient, so we bought kerosene

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