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noon in this uniform. One of his mates toke a wheelbarrow in wich they had put some of the article needet on way to reach Sydney while the other toke a shovel. So, making a party wich looked as if they wher working under a Guard, they wendet their way through the Main Road of our Camp towards the Main Gate opposide the Headquarter building, the Main entrance to our Camp. When they arrived at the Gate, the one dressed in Uniform, sayd to the sentry wich wher stationed their day & night "Right you are Sentry, open the Gate". The Sentery thinking them belong to the Working Party opened the Gate & let them through. So they wendet their way towards the Bush in the direction, pass the Hospital, & ones in the Bush the one dressed in Uniform undressed & put on his Civilian Suit wich wher amongst the Contents in the wheelbarrow, than the 3 made for Sydney 20 miles away as fast as they could get their wher they parted. However 2 days after while at the Sydney

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