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blind or minus one arm or leg. This continued for a long time. When owing an insult thrown at our compartment by one of the Soldiers concerning our Birth and the respectability of our Mothers, owing my hasty temper, I disobeyed instructions, lowered the Window, and told this Soldier, not to disgrace our Mothers that he could goe wher he liked as a Government Servant, us however prefering to be the same Government Guest. Also that I know, I would receive my discharge at the end of this crisis healthy in Body and Soul, & him however not knowing if ever he had the chance to return, ot if he wher one of the lucky ones, not being minus one arm or leg, or a cripple in some other shape and form. So he should not be too cocky. I had a stule served out to me by the sentry of our carriage, with his Bayonet. Of course I admit I deserved a punishement, however a private Soldier, never has had get the right to punishe, but to

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