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Sanitary Sergant of the Medical Force. The treatement meted out to the sick Internees wher mostly of a careless nature. The best known Sergant name wher Meyer a German descent. These Sergeant wher so efficient in his work, that he finished of at the rate of 50 sick Internees per hour. Dec 16. The Slaate Medical Doctor on visiting the Camp ordered one Internee into the Garrison hospital, but hardly the Docktor had left the Camp, when Sergeant Meyer ordered the Parient to quitt the Hospital and return to our midst. So the unfortunate Internee allthough in a weak state, wher forced to linger in agony and sufferings amongst us more fortunate ones. Owing the Food issued to us by the Authority being inadequate and mostly unwholesome, whe wher forced to bring all our earings to the Cantine to buy food, to keep our body & Soul together. If I think back on those days, it makes my Blut boil. No doubt if this treatement had continued untill the ende of the War the Lunatic Assylum hier in Australia would hawe been taxed to its outmost & the Cemetery in Liverpool would hawe had to be enlarged. Whe all wher prepared for the worst. Out of our wages received every payday, a Officer collected of each Internee another

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