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and some of the British "Tommy" would have seen what Britain calls fair play. To us internees it looked more like "Right" is might than anything else. Of course, out of passtimes plays got indulged in first they wher harmless, but ones it had taken Root gambling comenced. The stakes gused to be only Cigarettes at first, than Pennys, and later on I have seen much gold in those "shools" a sign that also heavy stakes got played for. These wher the first evil wich entered our camp. Many a Internee lost all his Money wich it had taken him months to safe in as many minutes at the "Roulette" The Bankers of course showed the Winning side daily. It has been a wonder to me that the Internees hawe stood the gambling evil for so long however my conclussion is, a Internees opinion being, owing you are a prisoner you must be satisfied with everything what comes along. We could all see that this saying must be true by the "Knosheugoulash" (Bracen-Shark) similar, with the hard Meat served out to us during dinner. It would hawe taken the teeth of a wild Animal to chew it. On many ocassion I went from the Kitchen straight to the Garbage tin and

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