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within 200 yards of the Sheth, I found out to be back at the same Homestead, on wich I had seeked shelter shortly after my escape. I must have walked in a circle all the day. Thanking the kind Boudary Rider, and wishing him "Good Night" I entered the Shet. I found a good fire allready burning and two shwagmen asleep on the floor. It had not five minutes elapsed from the time of me entering when I had all my outer Garnements hanging around the fireplace for drying. Finding one of the inhabitants awake, and me being hungry I enquired of same "If he could possible sell me some food. On being informed , that he only had a pice of bread to spare, I procured this for the sum of sixpence. Allthough it wher only a Crust, it wher better than nothing to a hungry Man. I must admitt, this pice of dry Bread at that time tasted better, then the best cake procurable, at any Bakery shop.

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