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request trough bacl streets, for safety sake, we arrived at the outskirts of Moss Vale. Handing him a letter adressed to my unfortunate home and asking him to post same, I wished him "good by" and started "per foot" on my journey again, towards the Capital City of New South Wales Australia, about 90 miles distant. Hawing passed through one town, I ventured to pass through the next, wich turned out to be a buisy town, owing its Quarry works near by. Being on a Saturday afternoon, and a half holiday for the Australian Workingmen, the Streets wher crowdet with Navies. After enjoying a good meal at a Restaurant, also two Pint of Beer, the first I have had in 9 months I wendet my way onwards. On reaching another town, I meet a trooper; Oeing my travel stained clothing, I wher asked, how far I had come. I suseceedet in bliffing him, that I wher a Citizen of Sweden, and had been in the employ at a

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