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Blisters in those soft palms. However thanks to the financial asistance of the Singapore Planters, wher we Internees enabled to build a Theather capable of holding 400 Internees. This wher better than the draughty tent. April 26 owing the weather condition getting cooler we had another Blanket issued to us, this made 8 all counted. Of course those blankets wher not of the best quality, however they wher a little warmer than a Mosquito Netting. We also had 1 shirt 1 blue Cardigan Jacket 1 Cap 1 pair of trousers issued to us. These wher our second issue since our internment about 9 months ago. We also received on this day our first and for a long time our last Soap. This consistet of a Bar 2lb in weight for 10 Persones. On several ocassion the Military Police had raidet the Gambling dens. On my May 1 we wher notyfied that the American Consul would visit the Camp for inspectiones & to hear any complaints. Those who wished to lodge complaints to give their names in the Camp Office. The day of the visit the

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