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(10/5 Those two prisoners wher forwardet to the Parkside Asylum

May 24th 1915.)

the forcible parade. We wher mostly like Rabits in a burrow. Hawing no ocupation and nothing to pass the time away with is it a wonder, one Prisoner went mad, another cut his troth with a racor, becourse he wher of unsound mind. At the time of me writing this there are two Prisoners of War in the Adelaide Mad house, becourse they hawe been driven mad during their internement on Torrens Island. On night after "Lights out" we heard the report of a rifle. On making enquiries the next morning, I wher informed, becourse a fellow, a inmate of the tent had lit his pipe, the guard had fired. The bullet penertrated the doppelt canvas of the tent, through both sides of an empty butterbox wich wher hanging in the tent and gused as a Safe, also through the Centre Post of the tent. Owing hawing lost its force the bullet on striking the slack canvas opposite

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