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to finishe off the patients, at the rate of 50 per hour. His favorite medicine being Castor Oil or Blank Draft. A Patient with an open cut or flesh wound would first receive a doze of Oil. During end of February those Internees confined in the Lockup, wher ordered to pull the formerly explained Roller. Owing the Diet in the Lock up being allways Water & Bread, one, by name of E. Steinboch however refused to do Horseswork on a empty Stomach. He wher driven to the Pole with the aid of the bayonet & stabbed several times with same, but he still refused while the Blood run out of 3 ugly wounds freely. He wher than handcuffed & let to the hospital for treatment. While on his way their, hand cuffed, than Captain Griffith II in comand of the Camp illtreated & knocked the Wittness about. On these day owing a Mess having failed to sweep their floor becourse they had no Broom wher fined 1 shilling each. Easter Monday, we wher ordered the Saturday previously we must work "Clearing" However our luck wher in, for it rained, & so we could remain in our Camp. If a Match, or Cigarette box, yes even a bit of Paper wher found laying about a Barrack, the whole inmates 100 in number wher fined 1 shilling each. Their wher

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