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crawled. However they wher hardly underneath when the Soldiers stationed to guard them, found this a place of amusements. Gathering stones, empty jam tins ectra, they amuset themselves in throwing it at the opening of this Prison-structure. Everytime a missle thrown found the opening their wher ammusement and mirth amongst the Sentry. The soldiers calling it, The Aunt Sally show. This fellows being in arrest without a trial for over a month on Bread and Water, now and again they received a warm meal. Owing our Comandant getting relieved by another Officer, Capt Buttler, this officer liberated them instantly. This Officer in Rank also a Capt. wher well liked and esteemed. Some wher strict but fair to both sides, Soldiers to Prisoners alike. His comand only lasted, sorry to state 14 days, as than our former comandant returned and toke charge again. Owing their being no convininece whatsoever, in our compound

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