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wher fired allmost nightly. The reasones of it we Internees never got to know, only on 3 ocassion we seen two dead cows & 1 horse laying close to our Barb Wirefence, wich had not been their the night previous. So I have heard it of the Military Police during morning parade, that 1 of the Night Sentry thinking, their wher Internees, trying to escape & on him cdalling out "halt" but this objects still keept mowing, he fired, only to find out after, it had been a harmless domestic Animal wich had come close to our boundary fence, owing their being good growing ground. After every time a shot got fired "the well known Cry "Guard turn out" wher heard; Than wher a helter & skelter from the Guardhouse towards the direction from wher the shot got fired. I hawe seen soldiers at nighttime in all sorts of wearing apperal. Owing those being permitted to sleep wich had "Guardhouse duty" the Public can "gues" owing the time being urgent the most never take the trouble to dress. Knowing that 99% wher a "false Alarm" & they wher able in most cases to return without loose

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