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money returned to him, on several ocassiones, it proved allways to be without success. He even complained to the Camp Comandant about to confiscating of his money, however under the most objectionable language & curses, he wher dissmissed, with the advice to get his loss restored by the Kaiser. The least breach of discipline wich wher very sever, wher allways fined with money deducted out of Wages due. What became of this money non of us Internees ever found out. If a Pris happened to walk or walk slow and detected, he would be sentenced to 2-3 days lock up. Anything found outside our barracks by Military Police be it private or Governement property wher allways burned by order of Sergeant Meyer. If the article happened to be Government property the Owner of same wher compelled to pay in full for same, & so deducted out of his wages so on many ocassion our "Washing" wher taken to the "Incinerator" & burned. Government Groundsheets & Blankets wich we dared to put out on the sun on fine days for airing purposes, wher allways confiscated & burned, us Internees however had to pay allways in full for same, to the Military Officer in charge of this Camp. Major Sands & Major Griffiths. Allthough no

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