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no notice had been issued to us, about that we wher forbidden to air our Bedding Material, whe soon found out that this wher against Camp Rules, becourse it keept us working for the Government & keept us poor, becourse all our Wages wher deducted in fines. If any Internee dared to complain about this "daylight" robbery he wher instantly arrested & placed in the Lock Up for a day or two under Charge of "Contempt". The Clothing A few days after my Internment Sept 1914, I received a dungaree suit, 2 shirts, a linen hat & a pair of Hob Nail Blusher Boots; During Working hours we only wher permitted to wear the Clothing issued. These Clothing owing the rough nature of our employment seldom lasted for the period it wher intendet to, namely 6 months, so the most of us run about in Rags. It wher useless to patch becourse the Articles after 3-4 months constant use consisted of all Patches. I would advice the nigger who sings the song "Every Race got a Flag but the Coon", to apply to on of the Internees for one of his Government issued Wearing appearal & he will have a Flag with all collorers of the Rainbow. So it a Wonder the Working parade allways looked like a Wandering Rag Shop. During February 1915 two Internees "fell in Line" at "Working Parade" only dressed

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